Beauty Inside and Out

I'm a chatty Cathy- especially when dishing about the things I love.  I've been asked to speak in a various of settings and groups, including:

The UN- showing women in the workplace healthier options for makeup as well as tips and tricks on application (when you're in the work of saving the world- the less time on makeup is better for us all!) 

SheCoSystem - A Toronto coworking and wellness environment where women thrive.  I was honored to be a guest and share my knowledge... mini makeovers may have happened ;)

Yoga studio events- having a fun educating session on product swap outs, why the healthy option is the way to go, espeically when you're loving and representing a wellness field - yoga studios are a hub for the like minded high vibe peeps and having a session around topical wellness is always a blast, perfectly paired with a nutritionist or juicing sponsor!

If you would like to contact me for any speaking opportunities give me a holla



I'm SO proud to be a part of Gabby Bernstein's Spirit Junkie Masterclass family. I attended the live event in NYC, twice.  It was that effing good.  I experienced and learned so much that I can't wait to pass on the love!  I incorporate the teachings with my yoga classes and beauty educating as often as I can.  Self love for everyone is paramount and I'm excited to bring this knowledge to you in our sessions.