I am so proud to have been invited to have been a part of 18 seasons of fashions weeks across Canada, 11 being Toronto Fashion Week, TOM Fashion Week (Toronto Men's), Vancouver FW, Vancouver Eco FW as well as four Ottawa FW's.  Fashion weeks are where I really got started in the business and hold a special place in my heart.  They trained me like a makeup bootcamp to think fast on your feet, be extremely resourceful and creative as well as working fast without letting it look like it.  I've worked alongside some of the best talent and learned so many tips and tricks from everyone - I love my makeup peeps!

Below are some of my looks from the runway I have been a part of or me working backstage

*when you're on the team with fashion weeks, you are a re-creator of looks - the looks below were mostly conceived of by another artist depending of the fashion week or show and I was part of a team that recreated the looks under the head artists direction.