Wow.  Gotta say it's weird writing about myself.  Though a strong stigma in my industry is that we love to self promo, have great Instagram pics, say ridiculous slang all of the time and you really do "wake up like this".  I however do not.  I like to keep it real.

I love the work.  I love helping women feel that self love and sense of worth.  I love telling a story through the subtleness of makeup and enhancing features, not hiding them.  You won't find me doing paint by number, caked on, everyone is the same makeup. 

I've done 18 seasons of fashion weeks across Canada, including 11 for Toronto.  Among my peers I'm known for my "brow game", imagination and personally for my energy and humour.  My clients book me for my subtleties and blending, professionalism and passion.  I've worked with world politicians, top models and even an Oscar winner and psssssst, everyone is the freaking same!  We all have problems, insecurities, things we don't like about ourselves.  The trick is to highlight what you love and wear a real smile.

I'm always up for a collaboration and book private clients and group lessons all of the time.  Send me a note and we can have a date (and not a dinner/movie date... a makeover/play with products date... you minx ;)