PLEASE let me help you! All of the time I see beautiful women who feel stuck, outdated and who just don't have the know-how, or time to search the thousands of makeup videos out there, most of which won't serve them properly.  I see entrepreneurs in their videos and photos and with just a few tweaks they could come across so much clearer and more true to their clients.  Use my past of extremely detailed, judgy and picky work to your advantage...Consider me your personal makeup artist.*

*I'm so much more than just a makeup artist!  My background is: A gratuate of fashion marketing and merchandising (so if you need help with styling, colours/patterns for the camera etc- I got you), Photoshoots/TV - I've picked up a lot of tips for lighting, camera placement, models tricks for the best angles... allllll sorts of tidbits to use.  LOVE for interior design... need support on what your clients see behind you?  ;)



These intro rates will be only this low for a short time and are as follows:


The A La Carte - One hour of coaching = 100

the 101 - Package of three x one hour sessions = 275

The Pro - Package of six x one hour sessions = 500


To get the most out of our time together is to book a one on one educational session with me, we can work with your existing makeup bag, I can suggest new products for you, create a fresh new look or build up on the ones you already love and feel your greatest in.  Whether your a stay at home mum, an entrepreneur with a lot of eyes on you through social media or even just feel a bit outdated... I got ya covered :)

I'm currently working on a program for entrepreneurs focused on how we look and (more importantly) feel for when we show up in videos and can present our best selves for our audiences and clients.  Also special guest stars in various fields will be showcased including lighting, sound, fashion, hair and more :) Stay tuned for that one!

Prices are in CAD and you can pay using the button below