When I say beauty inside and out, I mean it.  Just like the food we eat, what we put on our skin is important too! Our bodies are our temples and self love mentally and physically are paramount.  I promote gorgeous products with clean, simple ingredients.  Made in small batches I find these products to be of the highest quality and are incredibly more luxurious than the synthetic brands which come from a place of greed, made with cheap and damaging ingredients and just have no 'soul' to them.  If you've ever heard of high vibrational food, I believe these indie brands carry love and positivity for your skin that it deserves.  I'm in constant search of new products, attending green and indie beauty shows, showrooms or by online ordering as often as I can to help you make the best choices and to use confidently. 

Below are some looks I've created strictly using eco products - see, eco doesn't have to mean boring ;)

Much love