YES!  Through technology we are able to have a one on one makeup date via Skype or any form of live video chat.  From a comfy place in your home (maybe even in your jammies) we can tackle anything you would like.  From the basics to a dramatic smokey eye for a night out, to learning about eco products in general.  I'm even a great go to for entrepreneurs who would like to look more professional in their online videos - so many options!

I'm a huge supporter of feeling beautiful and healthy inside and out.  Since I was very little, I've always loved the dabbling in products and have often found that the more natural ones felt more luxurious to me.  REAL scents, REAL ingredients.  Made in small batches and not pumped out of vats with stuff that is essentially plastic that are worth $1 and charging $100.  Through years of self (and client) testing, searching wellness shows and through the store I owned Louche Lily, I have been so fortunate to have tried so many healthier choices that perform just as well as the "other" guys and I love to pass the info along.  Stay tuned to the blog and social media for my latest findings and workshops I'll be doing :)