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My obsession is your gain

For people in the product biz, I'm also often asked for help by brands/shops etc for help in - product development, branding, sourcing products for shops, finding their niche in the marketplace and PR.  I've tried, played and chatted to the creators of sooo many brands out there.  No matter what stage of the game you're in, it's always beneficial to have someone in the know to council with.  Thoughts of packaging, places and people to contact for blasting your nummy offerings, collaboration ideas etc, my brain ignites with these ideas!

I owned my own makeup and skincare shop for five years and have seen first hand the results, consumer preferences and favorites, five years of market research - yes! 

I wasn't kidding when I said obsession, I've attended all three events of A Night For Green Beauty and Indie Beauty Expo in LA.  I also am sent products all of the time for review... you should see my bathroom...

If this sounds like a perfect pairing of minds - send me a note at lyz@lyzplant.com to get this started.