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I believe the universe has our backs. I have faith that everything is as it should be.  I know that everything happens for a reason and if we listen to our inner selves, we learn the lesson to move us forward.  I used to not believe these things, I've been through some tough times.  Working in an industry that is all glitz and glamor on the outside when you can barely pay bills and sob alone sure doesn't feel fabulous.  

I'm about feeling it.

I'm about feeling and loving what every day has in store for me.

I'm about finding your own wings and soaring.  We all deserve the things we crave but don't feel like we deserve them.  I've worked through many of my own blocks including money, self worth and abandonment.  It's a constant process but instead of looking forward to see how far you think that you need to go, give your past a nod and thank yourself for how far you've come.  And stay present.  Work for it everyday.  And if you're feeling depressed or are having a really off day, even just breathing deep is enough.  

My spiritual self love curiosity has brought me to yoga, in 2015 I completed my YTT200 in Costa Rica (aka heaven) and in 2016 and 2017 I completed the in person Spirit Junkie Masterclass by a mentor of mine Gabby Bernstein.  

Yep.  I did it twice.  It was that good.  

I want to bring these teachings to you.  I want to pass everything I've learned so that you wake up feeling excited and supported too. 

If you feel called, reach out, I would love to have a tea date with you and we can chat about how I can help.  I want you to feel badass. 

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I used to care, a lot, about what other people think, my poison was judging others as a coverup to my own insecurities.  My life has opened up, it's brighter, clearer and as a result of my self work, I attract greater things meant for me.  

Now I don't give a shizzle of what others think, I'm my goofy, edgy, kind, sensitive and badass self.  

And so it is.

'cause really, who's this silly IN downtown la?

                                   *THIS GUY*

                                  *THIS GUY*