I Do.  I have the incredible pleasure of being such a big part of a woman's dream day.  When she is so ecstatic and I get to help her feel her most beautiful.  As her to be husband sees her for the first time walking towards him, in that dress, her beaming... she's glowing and sometimes... he cries from happiness.  I'm so happy to be a part of THAT, as materialistic as makeup can be - this is a pretty special moment to be a part of, even if I'm not actually there :)

I work on both coasts of Canada - serving the Ottawa and Toronto area and also the Sea to Sky Highway based in Whistler depending on the time of year.  Please get in touch to see if I'm in area.

Please note - I'm not a hair artist, if you're looking for someone for makeup and hair - I have so many incredible people to call on for the other half for your big day - no worries there.