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I owned a small business retailing eco skincare and makeup for five years.  I learned and did everything on my own.  I aced often and I bombed many but I learned a lot.  There were too many places online to learn from and you drown in the info and rarely it was specific to my industry.  At times I felt alone and frustrated with nobody to bounce ideas off of or build with. 

I want to be that person for you. 

I have an extremely creative brain and many resources so our sessions will be filled with creative brainstorming on ideas for your business, followed by accountability checkins and implementation.


Some things to ask yourself -

Do I feel lost without direction?

Do I feel unsupported or not understood by people close to me?

Have I lost my passion for this work?

Do I feel as though I'm rattling my head for ideas but I just want to focus on my business.

I need a refresher big time, I feel that things are a tad stale

I know my business inside and out but need a little help to boost my online presence, packaging or both. 


Then I'm your gal.  Not only am I a gratuate of Fashion Marketing and Merchandising which covers branding, journalism, business, marketing tactics, tapping into being an expert in your field and getting exposure - I've also lived it.  I've helped several solopreneurs in their industry and each time they leave inspired and excited from our session.  


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